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EA + Frostbite + Star Wars = fun times ahead

I recently moved to Motive Studios and joined Jade Raymond and her talented (still growing) team for new exciting projects! I’m very excited by this new opportunity, as I’m now directly collaborating with DICE and contributing to the Frostbite engine, meeting … Continue reading

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Maximizing code performance by thinking data first – Part 2

Knowing the hardware Memory cache CPU is not physically directly connected to the main memory. All random access memory (load and stores) on modern CPU goes through memory cache. When the CPU executes a fetch instruction (load), the memory controller searches … Continue reading

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Maximizing code performance by thinking data first – Part 1

Introduction As Rendering Programmers, we tend to live in a world where low level considerations are mandatory in order to produce a 30ms long GPU frame. Techniques and new rendering passes are designed from the ground up considering bandwidth (geometry attributes, … Continue reading

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A look at Direct3D 12 – Part 1

Need for a new API Direct3D, as any 3D API on PC, has two main goals: Provide a low overhead graphics API Provide a single API that works on different hardware With APIs and GPUs becoming more and more complex, … Continue reading

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